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BRE Teams Up with US Green Building Council

- Construction Week

  Partners for a Better Environment

UK-based BRE and the US Green Building Council (USGBC) have announced a partnership aimed at making the global built environment cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable. They will work together to encourage buildings and the built environment globally to raise sustainability standards and deliver greater value.

  Highlighting Building's Importance

The two organisations aim to highlight the role that buildings can play in improving environmental, economic and health outcomes, giving a positive impact on the quality of life of people around the world. Their joint vision is to create a better future

  Promoting Expertise

The partnership is aimed at promoting the expertise of both businesses and harnessing their combined industry insights, to deliver a new industry approach to performance, solutions and benchmarking.

  BRE at the Forefront

Niall Trafford, CEO at BRE, said: 
"We have been at the forefront of developing knowledge and standards for almost 100 years. We sponsor and conduct research which continually improves productivity, quality, environmental performance, safety and well-being in the built environment. BRE’s standards, digital tools and training programs are key to equipping the industry and future generations for the global challenges of tomorrow. Our mission is to build a better world together and this partnership will enable us to substantially extend our reach and impact, around the world."

   USGBC Leading Role

USGBC president & CEO Mahesh Ramanujam said: 
"USGBC has led the green building community for nearly two decades. But there is still much work that needs to be done, and the stakes have never been higher. This collaboration allows us to leverage our tools and resources to scale-up the reductions in carbon emissions, that are associated with buildings and accelerate this on all fronts."

   Key Objectives

The objectives that BRE and USGBC will pursue and explore together are to:
  • increase the level of engagement of existing buildings in the measurement, reporting and improvement of their environmental, social and wellbeing impact.
  • embrace a digital strategy that will raise our combined technological capabilities and establish industry-wide common data standards and protocols, to make our platforms simpler, smarter and more intelligent;
  • conduct research to identify future transformation opportunities to improve the sustainability credentials of the world’s buildings, communities and cities;

   Collaborative Leverage

The collaboration will also leverage BRE and USGBC’s combined market knowledge, partnerships and collective tools through BREEAM, LEED and other rating systems to address all sectors: new and existing commercial buildings, new and existing homes, infrastructure, landscape, power, waste, and finance.

   Off-Site's Role

This move further emphasise the role for Off-Site DfMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly). It also points up the need for greater collaborative 'partnering' between architects, builders and  manufacturers. The greater speed, accuracy and quality that can result from manufacturing components in a dry, controlled factory environment gives builders a much better chance of achieving improved on-site build quality AND controlling costs. 

   Resistance Disappearing

While resistance to the change to DfMA has been the norm, the wish of most UK Builders to deliver excellent customer service and top notch homes is now driving an increasing number to choose Off-Site for their developments. Also, as 'OffSite Hub' note, architects and designers are moving toward DfMA, something w have been encouraging for over 20 years. The emergence of LA Developers will only speed up this process.

   Easy Timber Frame

To assist them in doing so our "Easy Timber Frame" now offers standard size modular timber frame elements for them to use as a design base, cutting down on technical design and engineering to produce win-win results.

   Better all-round Savings

Our specialist services and CUSTOM homes division deliver best value and  protect the interests of land owners, house-builder developers, professionals and private individuals seeking to build their dream home. Our off-site construction systems also reduce the amount of material that gets wasted on site, helping to avoid land fill, hazardous waste separation and handling, They also deliver better value for you and your customers.
Call us to arrange a factory visit and discuss your ideas and needs with our in-house team of professionals for your next project. You'll be glad you did!
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• Hybrids   • Low Energy Components
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