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Jenrick's planning goals

- Property Week

  Sneak Peek!

The secretary of state for housing Robert Jenrick has given the industry an early indication of what to expect from the forthcoming planning white paper.
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  Behind Closed Doors

In a closed-door meeting last week hosted by planning consultancy Thorncliffe, Jenrick said the report’s priorities would include speeding up the planning system and supporting SME housebuilders.

   Process Speed-Up

The minister said that to speed up the planning process the government may extend permitted development rights to the demolition of existing commercial buildings for residential development.

   Support for Local Planners

Another priority will be to give additional support to local authority planning teams. One idea, mooted already in a speech last month by minister for housing Esther McVey, is a Homes England “planning A team” to lend resource and expertise when needed.

   Increased Application Fees

Other changes might include an increase in planning application fees to support under-resourced planning departments, Jenrick said.

   Build Better - Build Beautiful

He suggested the push for a more efficient planning system would be coupled with a drive to ensure that housebuilders provide higher-quality homes that fit in better with their surroundings. He added that the paper is likely to include recommendations from the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission’s report, published last week.

   SME Support

Increasing support for SME housebuilders is another key priority of the white paper. Jenrick said a whole chapter would be dedicated to this.
He added that the report could be published as early as next month.

  Ambitious for 1st Homes

According to Jenrick, the First Homes scheme outlined in the Tory manifesto would be more ambitious than the failed starter homes policy. He said first-time buyers would be eligible for around 30% market sale discounts, which would be funded by Section 106 contributions.

   Boris to Boost Housing

More generally, Jenrick told attendees that prime minister Boris Johnson supported housing development and was keen to restore the balance between the north and south.

   More Land for Development

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said in a statement that the planning white paper would “make the planning process clearer, more accessible and more certain for all users, including homeowners and small businesses” and “address resourcing and performance in planning departments and ensure more land is available for development”.

   Off-Site Quality

We’ve spent many years creating Low Energy Buildings to suit all types of design. We’re absolutely in the right place, both to help you, your buyers or tenants, and to adapt  our business innovations and developments to suit your projects . This really means  engaging with your whole team to deliver on time and within budget. It requires a systematic, solution driven approach which brings discipline to the process, sharing  information and communications. Applying DfMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) defines the process of taking these to the next level; a welcome change in the overall approach to project management and development.

   Partnering for Progress

All of this entails a shift in thinking to that already practiced available by established 'Off-Site' manufacturers. It can be quickly and easily incorporated into procedures and processes of building and development. Better still, you can make partnering arrangements with such manufacturers to gain all round benefits. 

   Greater Speed, Accuracy, Quality and Lower Costs

Greater collaborative 'partnering' between architects, builders and  manufacturers will accomplish this The greater speed, accuracy and quality that can result from manufacturing components in a dry, controlled factory environment, together with the ability tom incorporate (yet to be invented) 'Smart Ware'  gives home builders perhaps the only way of achieving this, together with improved on-site build quality AND controlling costs.

   Resistance Disappearing

While resistance to the change to DfMA has been the norm, the wish of most UK Builders to deliver excellent customer service and top notch homes is now driving an increasing number to choose Off-Site for their developments. Also, as 'OffSite Hub' note, architects and designers are moving toward DfMA, something w have been encouraging for over 20 years. The emergence of LA Developers will only speed up this process.

   Easy Timber Frame

To assist them in doing so our "Easy Timber Frame" now offers standard size modular timber frame elements for them to use as a design base, cutting down on technical design and engineering to produce win-win results.

   Better all-round Savings

Our specialist services and CUSTOM homes division deliver best value and  protect the interests of land owners, house-builder developers, professionals and private individuals seeking to build their dream home. Our off-site construction systems also reduce the amount of material that gets wasted on site, helping to avoid land fill, hazardous waste separation and handling, They also deliver better value for you and your customers.
Call us to arrange a factory visit and discuss your ideas and needs with our in-house team of professionals for your next project. You'll be glad you did!
● Timber Frame   ● SIP Frame   ● Post & Beam   ● Traditional Feature Trusses   ● Glulam Structures  
● Hybrids   ● Low Energy Components
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